Our Mission: To help children and their families make improvements in everyday life functions.
We strive to reach each child’s maximum potential using a play-oriented therapeutic treatment approach.

Comments From Parents
My son can’t wait for Saturday mornings as he knows that is the day he gets to go to therapy. Karen has an incredible rapport with my child and somehow she can get him to do the things he would resist if it was anyone else asking him to do it. She truly understands our son. She has given us the tools to work with him and better understand his emotions and behaviors. We’re no longer walking on egg shells!
Karen is the “Dr. Dolittle” of children. She has a very special gift for understanding children. My son loves her. The way she works with him is amazing.

When our daughter, Kara, was two years old, we were very concerned about her development. She was extremely sensitive to sounds, tastes and textures. She was extremely uncomfortable around people and she could not make eye contact with anyone outside our family. Her language and play skills were also delayed. I expressed these concerns to a friend who recommended that we contact Karen. We did. It was the best thing we could have done for our daughter.

Karen diagnosed Kara with sensory processing disorder, and she began treating her once a week. Karen was very patient with Kara, and she was very sensitive to Kara’s needs and fears. Karen took the time to really understand Kara and to develop a good relationship with her. She treated Kara as an individual, with her own strengths and needs. She found ways to make Kara’s therapy sessions a positive experience for her. She worked with Kara in a way that was calming and fun. Despite Kara’s discomfort with people, she soon began enjoying her therapy sessions and she looked forward to seeing Karen. Karen also gave us different activities that we could do at home with Kara that would support her development. Karen taught us how to recognize and understand the struggles that Kara faced in dealing with the world around her. By understanding Kara’s needs, we were better able to work with Kara and help her at home.

We began seeing improvements in Kara within a few months. Her ability to interact with her environment became more and more relaxed, and her comfort level around people began to improve. As Kara’s sensitivities faded, she was able to ENJOY herself and have fun. We realized that, due to her extreme sensitivities, Kara was in a constant state of defensiveness. Because she was so preoccupied with “protecting” herself, it was more difficult for Kara to play and learn. As Kara’s nervous system relaxed, Kara was able to spend less time “protecting” herself and more time learning and growing.

We will always be thankful that we were able to work with Karen. Not only did she provide Kara with high quality occupational therapy, she also gave our family the information and tools that we needed to help Kara excel. Kara is now in Kindergarten. She loves school and she has lots of friends. Kara is doing very well and we know that Karen is a big part of her success!

My son had high anxiety before starting therapy. OT with Karen has made a huge difference for our family. Although our son still struggles at times with anxiety, meltdowns are less frequent and he can calm himself down quicker, without hurting himself (i.e. hitting or biting himself). He is calmer, sleeping better, the tics are gone. He now enjoys playing with his toys and with others. He is so much happier now! What a gift Karen gave us!
I love hearing my child laugh during therapy! I have never felt so comfortable and trusting with someone working with my child as I do with Karen. Since starting therapy with Karen, our boy has grown and developed in so many areas. Motor planning is better, his oral-motor skills for speech and eating are improving, and he is using words meaningfully, not just words from rote memory. Now that we understand his sensory needs he is more attentive and organized both at school and at home. Through therapy we are learning how to facilitate pretend play and problem-solving with our son. Before therapy started his only pleasure seemed to be watching the fans. Now he wants to engage and interact with us. OT has had a far reaching impact on us.
Occupational Therapy with Karen has been as much help to me as for my daughter. I no longer feel I am a “bad” parent. Before starting therapy my daughter had such intense tantrums. Karen helped me to understand my child’s behaviors and immediately gave me the tools to help change and manage her emotions. Since starting sensory integration therapy and the Therapeutic Listening program she seldom has meltdowns anymore. My daughter is no longer afraid of slides and swings, and she wants to play with other children.
Our son said to me tonight "I have so much to think about I'm not sure if I can sleep. I'm thinking about what Karen and I are going to play tomorrow". He just likes Karen so much.
I still catch my son spinning or tackling his brother once in awhile, but you know what- I just say "Do you need to bounce?" or grab him and give him deep hugs, etc and this helps so much. As I'm writing this, I haven't noticed him crashing onto the couch lately at all- much different than last year at this time!  That was a big problem!  What has been the most helpful has been getting to know what makes him tick- why he acts the way he does and how we can manage it. That has been huge. The teacher pulled me aside last week again and said "Big improvements with your son- big!" She thinks he has matured so much and not nearly as impulsive-much more body and self control physically and from an attention perspective. We are so happy!  Thank you, thank you. You have helped him and us so much!
Karen is the “Kid Whisperer”! There is no better way to describe her gifted ability to work with children.
I didn’t know how to play with my son. We now share a special time together with smiling, laughter and play.
My son is more organized and focused. He can now stay seated during mealtime and he can get dressed by himself.
Meal time, bath time, trimming nails and brushing teeth are no longer a battle. She seldom has tantrums when getting dressed.
Transitions and changes are easier for my son to accept. He seems happier, more coordinated, and more self assured.