Our Mission: To help children and their families make improvements in everyday life functions.
We strive to reach each childís maximum potential using a play-oriented therapeutic treatment approach.

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Advanced Pediatric Therapy, LLC, located in Omaha, Nebraska, is a private pediatric occupational therapy practice. We are specialized in providing individualized treatment to meet the sensory, motor, emotional and social needs of children. Therapy services include:

Children treated at Advanced Pediatric Therapy include those with the following: A high number of the kids who come to APT have sensory processing disorders and have either been diagnosed on autism spectrum, Aspergerís, ADHD, are twice-exceptional, developmentally delayed or were adopted. Others show signs of a sensory processing disorder but have no other diagnosis.

APT believes in the team approach, and looks forward to collaborating with parents and others involved in the childís care. Our high quality care and state of the art treatment promotes family satisfaction, and childrenís happiness and independence.


If you have concerns regarding your childís development or suspect that something is not right because of challenging or odd behaviors, Advanced Pediatric Therapy strongly encourages you to seek out a screening or an evaluation by an experienced professional, even if you choose not to use our facility. It is never too late to benefit from therapy, however, in most cases the earlier the intervention the better to lessen the affects of a delay or problem.